Pod Filter


Pod filter

I have been using pod filter or cone filter for the last 10/11 months…so for those who are thinking about buying something like that, i am telling u, it is pointless if you haven’t got a complete exhaust system, i.e. without catalytic converter plus big header pipe…plus upjetting ur carburetor and power commander…
Yeah without all those shit, modification or just installing a pod filter will be pointless. Let’s say, even though you know about the limitations of pod filter, you decided to use it only. Effects will be as following.

  • Your motor will run on lean mixture if you don’t tune your carburetor what so ever.

Let’s say, you installed a pod filter and tuned your carburetor. What will happen now?

  • Your extra exhaust gas will have no way to exhaust thru the stock pipe. As a result, it will enter the chamber and will ruin your motor as well.

So for a 4000 BDT pod filter, u will also need

  • a complete exhaust system (Not just slip on) (8,000 – 20,000 BDT)
  • Power Commander (!!!)
  • Upjetting your Carburetor 

Complete exhaust system meaning free flow exhaust system with big header pipe (without any catalytic converter). It will be damaging to our vulnerable environment but then we wouldn’t ride a motorcycle unless those electric motorcycle becomes more user friendly, to be precise, power friendly…hahaha…

Power Commander is something which will guide your motorcycle’s ECU to maintain proper air-fuel mixture. I don’t know whether it will help with the emission or not.

About jets,thumb rule is,if u only use pod filter, u will up the stock jet by size 2.5 and with complete exhaust system plus power commander, up the pilot jet size 2.5 and main jet by size 5….it is just a thumb rule which i heard from a cafe racer…

Before installing a pod filter, u must know the meaning of those small holes in ur carb which are position towards air filter side. Blocking those opening might cause your carburetor to malfunction and in some cases, it won’t work at all. Fuel efficiency is out of the question, hahaha…

Sometime pod filter allows so much air that u need to make some modification to restrict that air flow and to recognize that u must check the plug in four throttle position.quarter, half, quarter to full and full. And will must be able to read the plug’s color accordingly.

sorry,nothing is as simple as it sounds….hahahaha….if i say something wrong,feel free to correct me..
But again,what do i know?;)

Go crazy with your ride,u may ruin it once but u will learn a lot if u have the ass and mind to feel the difference….


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