Riding in the rain

What scares you while riding in the rain?

  1. Cold
  2. Lower Visibility
  3. Lower Grip
  4. Slippery road surface
  5. Others
  • Cold: Yes, cold is the most concerning thing for some rider because it cause muscle cramp, stiff wrist/fingers so reaction time becomes greater and greater. So when it is needed, things can go wrong pretty quickly. Moreover, if you catch cold and develop running nose then riding can become tiring altogether. For me, running nose is the worst thing a rider need to endure while on a trip or riding.

So to avoid cold in the rain, don’t get caught in the rain without any protection. During monsoon/rainy season, keep your raincoat with u all the time. We all carry a bag of some sort with us, just throw those things in the bag then take other necessary things.

  • Visibility: Riding in the rain can be hectic due to lower visibility. We don’t have wiper on our visor and sometimes it fogs up inside. If u keep the visor open a bit, rain will seep thru it. So to avoid misting problem, one can wipe his visor with toothpaste or can entirely buy a visor which won’t be prone to fogging.

Now apart from that, during heavy rainfall can cause lower visibility and there is no avoiding that. Someone once told me to keep my head down in an angle such as a rider do when resting his chin on the tank, but I found it rather suitable for shorter period and sometimes pointless. So it is better to avoid riding or ride slowly in the heavy rainfall.

  • Grip: Rain can cause lower grip issue. As our tire won’t be able to hold the temperature because of the cold weather and rain, it will lack grip. So to increase the grip, we can increase the contact patch; meaning, lowering the #tire_pressure will increase contact patch and will give us more grip.
  • Road Surface: Whole lot of rain actually is better than drizzle. Because drizzle will make the road surface slippery, whereas heavy rainfall will clear those muddy things. But again, heavy rainfall will not let you keep temperature on those tire. Remember, heat is essential for grip and brake but no matter how much heat you are keeping on those tires, bad or slippery road surface can cause you to crash. Smooth throttle control will help in those cases and don’t chop your throttle as it unsettles your ride which can turn into a low side in no time.
  • Others:  Braking can be an issue. Again heat and grip…hahaha…so be gentle with those brakes as too much pressure may cause it to slide. Here I personally prefer rear brake 60%, Front 40%. Yes, you run the risk of high side but at least if you know your ride well, you can generate just enough pressure to stop quickly rather than crashing yourself.

Watch out for broken cables, especially, those cable line. As they are round in shape, in a turn or under braking, your ride may slide or can move away from you and cause crash.

Finally, watch the road. Heavy motorcycle helps to have better grip in the rain, so whatever weight reduction you did for summer, put those things back on for monsoon. And wear safety gear all times, especially, helmet and boots, because, if your foot got caught under your ride, I hope it doesn’t, then it is bad news.


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